Internationalization, the engine for growth and a source of diversification, is fundamental for Abengoa. With a presence on five continents, we have developed a global business with a local perspective.

Abengoa first ventured outside of Spain in 1963, establishing the company’s first subsidiary in Argentina, before subsequently expanding into Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Peru and Chile. In the mid-1970s, Abengoa launched operations in Morocco and Algeria, and in the 1980s it entered the USA.

Thanks to its international vision, today Abengoa operates in more than 80 countries and has a presence through local offices in more than 35 of them. This helps it to deal with the challenges that arise from its presence in the international and global market for sustainable development.

Abengoa’s international presence has grown significantly over the last decade, becoming a multinational with operations on every continent.

We decided, over ten years ago, to focus our growth on the creation of new technologies that contribute to sustainable development, investing in research, development and innovation (R&D+i). With an export plan aligned with our strategy, we are globally expanding the technologies with the greatest potential, and we attract and develop the necessary talent required to do this.

Our efforts to expand internationally reflect Abengoa’s vision: to be a world leader in the development of innovative technology solutions for sustainable development.

Over the next few years, Abengoa intends to strengthen this leadership, consolidating and developing the position that it has achieved in the international markets in which it operates as well as expanding our presence in other potential markets.

Foreign activities account for 84% of consolidated sales as of December 2013

Geographic distribution of Abengoa consolidated sales
Latin America (1)1,39219%1,02616%
Europe (2)86316%87814%
Other Regions1,16716%4056%
Cons. Abroad6,19384%5,37485%
Cons. Spain1,16316%93815%
(1) excl-Brazil; (2) excl-Spain

Geographic distribution of Abengoa projects


Abengoa's consolidated sales by geographic * Data as June 2011

Based on its vision of the future, Abengoa has reorganized its activities and updated its organizational structure, adopting a more flexible strategy that is capable of adapting to the evolution of the international markets. These changes are reflected in our engineering and construction, and industrial production business areas.

  • Engineering and construction

    Abeinsa has made significant investment to expand internationally as a key part of its strategic plan, which has allowed it to grow its business and to develop internationally, becoming a global leader in the sectors in which it is present. Over the next few years, Abeinsa intends to strengthen this leadership, consolidating and developing the position that it has achieved in the international markets in which it operates as well as expanding its presence in other potential markets.

    The diversification of its activities, together with the synergies between its different companies, has given it a huge capacity to offer integrated solutions to all its clients in any part of the world. It has numerous work centers, which enable it stay up-to-date with the opportunities and needs of its different markets, and to contribute, as far as possible, to the development and evolution of their economies.

    The Group’s internationalization is clear from its global presence that extends across more than 30 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Morocco, France, Portugal, India, China and Poland.

  • Industrial production


    Internationalization plays a very important role at Abengoa Bioenergy now that the Group has consolidated and become a leader in the production and commercialization of bioethanol and its co-products in Spain.

    The international expansion policy has involved exporting the Group’s business model, which has the following primary objectives:

    • To be an international leader in the promotion, construction and operation of bioethanol production plants.
    • To guarantee the efficient commercialization of its products around the world.
    • To become a leader for bioethanol technology at a global level in order to promote a sustainable energy alternative for the world of transport.

    Over the last few years the business group has built up a highly significant international presence as a result of this policy and Abengoa Bioenergy is now the only company in the world with a presence in the three major and global bioethanol markets of Europe, the USA and Brazil.


    Abengoa Solar is committed to internationalization as a key aspect of its strategic plan, based on three fundamental concepts:

    • To be an international leader in the promotion, construction and operation of solar-thermal and photovoltaic plants.
    • To provide customized solutions for all industrial sectors.
    • To supply its technology around the world.

    To achieve these objectives, Abengoa Solar is working to establish the same activities that it carries out in Spain, in foreign countries, providing proprietary services from its business model in the countries in which it invests.

    Thanks to this policy, in the last few years the Group has built up a very significant international presence in countries such as the USA, Algeria and Morocco. It is also taking significant steps to develop projects in other parts of the world.

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