Contest rules

2nd edition of the Focus-Abengoa Sustainable Business Award

The challenge of sustainable development lies in ensuring that the decisions society makes today do not compromise the development of tomorrow. The private sector has a duty, which it shares with governments, to contribute to achieving economic development that does not have a negative impact on the environment and which in turn takes into account people’s well-being.

The 2nd edition of the Focus-Abengoa Sustainable Business Award adheres to the following terms and conditions.

I. The Focus-Abengoa Foundation has organized the second edition of the Sustainable Business Award as an activity that is part of the Focus-Abengoa Forum on Energy and Climate Change. The aim of this initiative is to publicly recognize Abengoa suppliers who have made an active contribution to sustainable development through their performance and prove exemplary for other organizations.

II. The contest has two ordinary prizes: one for small and medium businesses with headcounts of under 50 employees, and another for large companies with 50 or more employees. The winners will be acknowledged publicly at a ceremony to be held during the year in which the contest takes place.

III. The contest is open to companies that have provided products or services to Abengoa or an Abengoa subsidiary in any country over the past 24 months and which in the last two years have been carrying out or have completed projects, strategies, initiatives or campaigns geared towards achieving sustainable development and which stand out for their innovation, originality, projection, leadership, strategic vision, scope, methodological effectiveness, social or environmental benefits and dissemination capability. Such initiatives may be found in any area of the enterprise. Companies which, due to their nature, must provide third parties with proof of a relationship of independence with Abengoa or Abengoa subsidiaries in their ordinary activities are not eligible to participate.

IV. To be eligible for the prize, the provider must complete the form published on the award website: This form can be filled in with any other information deemed to be pertinent. The candidate’s information should be sent in by email to, indicating “2nd edition of the Focus-Abengoa Sustainable Business Award” as the subject. The deadline for submitting application information is December 11, 2013 at 12:00 a.m., Spanish time. Any questions or doubts may be addressed to the same email address.

V. Included among the criteria established for selecting award-winning organizations, the judging panel, which has the power to grant second prizes or declare prizes to be null and void, shall particularly take the following into consideration:

  • Corporate commitment: corporate mission and policies in keeping with the principles of sustainable development.
  • Strategic integration of sustainable development: integration of environmental, social and economic aspects into business strategy and management.
  • Innovation: incorporation of innovative elements into company products, services or processes.
  • Environmental, social and economic benefits: assessment of the benefits for the environment of the project, strategy, initiative or campaign.
  • Continuous improvement: process in which ongoing improvements are established for evolving towards efficiency and the fulfillment of specific objectives.
  • Extension of the commitment to sustainability: capacity to share results and good practices with other organizations through cooperation networks, business agreements, etc.
  • Effort: effort dedicated to tackling challenges and barriers for the success of the initiative.
  • Training: training activities conducted in relation to sustainable development within the company.

VII. Submission of the application for participation in this contest implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions, as well as the decisions and interpretations of the Foundation Board of Trustees and of the panel of judges, with such decisions and interpretations being final and unappealable.

Seville, November 2013.

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