New Money 1A ABY Tranche

March 2017 Bonds

New Money 1A (ABY Tranche)


Convertible bonds 2019
Summary terms and condictions 
Issuer:ABG Orphan Holdco S.a.r.l.
Status of the notes:Senior obligations of the issuer
Guarantees:Pledge over shares in Atlantica Yield and A3T. Subsidiary guarantees as per prospectus*
Notional amount:$532.582.444,00
Start date:March 28, 2017
Settlement date:January 31, 2021
Coupon:Cash Pay interest: 5%.
PIK interest: 9%
Coupon frequency:Quarterly
Back end fee:Payable in cash in case of prepayments or repayments:
· 5% during the first 24 months after the date of completion of the Restructuring.
· 10% thereafter.

In addition, a make-whole shall be paid in cash in case of prepayments or repayments up to:
10.11% of the portion prepaid or repaid (ignoring PIK interests); less the aggregate amount of interest (other than default interest) and the back-end fee referred above paid or then due and payable on such portion from the date of completion of the Restructuring to the payment date.
Use of Proceeds:· Refinancing/repayment of Non-Compromised Debt;
· Funding certain projects;
· Servicing interest and fee payments on the Debt Instruments; and
· General corporate purposes
Repayment schedule:Bullet
Code:XS1579152585 y XS1583292633
Paying Agent:Bank of New York Mellon
(*) Prospectus of the admission to trading of 1,577,943,825 new class A shares and 16,316,369,510 new class B shares of Abengoa, S.A. 83,049,675 Class A Warrants and 858,756,290 Class B Warrants issued by Abengoa, S.A. (March 30, 2017).

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