Shareholders and Investors

Shareholders and

Annual Report 2016

Abengoa is working to be a global point of reference in the development of innovative technology-based solutions aimed at sustainable development, bringing long-term value to its stakeholders through transparent management based on promoting rigor, social responsibility, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Stemming from this commitment, each year Abengoa publishes its annual report, by means of which it enables stakeholders to take part by sharing information on company performance and future goals and challenges facing the organization.

Annual Report 2016 consists of three volumes which deal with the strategic aspects of most relevance for Abengoa.

Cover Volume I: Volume I. Integrated Report

Volume I: Integrated Report


Cover Volume II: Economic and Financial Information

Volume II: Economic and Financial Information

Information relating to the evolution of Abengoa’s economic and financial performance. (>>)

Cover Volume III: Corporate Governance

Volume III: Corporate Governance

Information relating to Abengoa’s governing bodies: structure, functions, control systems, and important facts and milestones in 2016. (>>)

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