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The Seville Provincial Council shows its support for Abengoa's workforce

May 19, 2021

  • The provincial corporation made an institutional declaration in which it shows its solidarity with the demands of the employees.
  • Likewise, it requests that measures be taken to unblock the “complex situation” of a company that they consider “outstanding in the sector and strategic for our economy”.

May 19, 2021 - The Diputación de Sevilla (Seville provincial council), in its ordinary session on April 29, made an institutional statement whose objective is to show the support of the workers' corporation and of this Sevillian multinational "flagship in the sector" and "strategic and emblematic for our economy”.

In a letter, sent by the general secretary of the Provincial Council, Fernando Fernández-Figueroa, the existing concern about the company's situation and the preservation of jobs is explained, since it is considered a “powerful engineering group, key in fixing the territory of qualified employment”.

They point out as fundamental that “all means are put in place to help companies and the people who work in them”, alluding to the fact that “there are legal instruments to guarantee the permanence of this company in our community”.

For this reason, they call for "all governments and administrations to collaborate in unlocking the complex circumstances" in which the company is immersed, since "its bankruptcy would be an irreversible blow for the Sevillian, Andalusian and Spanish industry”.

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