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Abengoa is awarded the Vilnius-Klaipeda railway electrification project in Lithuania

December 20, 2019

  • The project, valued at more than € 350 million, will be carried out in a consortium with Elecnor.

December 20, 2019 - Abengoa (MCE: ABG / P: SM), an international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainable development in the infrastructure, energy and water sectors, through its Transmission and Infrastructure vertical, in a 50% consortium formed with Elecnor, has been awarded the Vilnius-Klaipeda Railway Electrification project for the Lithuanian National Railways (LG), which is valued at more than € 350 million. 

The winning consortium will be responsible for the electrification of more than 730 km of railway lines, on the Vilnius ring road (34 km), and from Kaisiadorys to Klaipeda (320 km), crossing the country from east to west. 

It also includes the construction of eight new traction substations, the adaptation of two existing ones, the connection of all of them to the national electricity network through 110 kV lines, as well as the adjustment and expansion of the signaling network, communications and control along the entire path. 

This project completes the electrification of Corridor IX-B, which will allow the circulation of electric trains from the border with Belarus to the port of Klaipeda. This is one of the main axes of movement of goods in the Baltic countries and a key strategic objective for the development of the railway sector in Lithuania. LG estimates that more than three quarters of all load and two thirds of the country's passengers will circulate on this line at the end of the project.

 According to the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport, the socio-economic benefits of reducing pollution will amount to € 700 million. In addition, lower energy costs compared to current diesel and rolling stock maintenance locomotives will generate around € 505 million of benefits for the transport sector. 

The engineering and construction of the project has an expected duration of four years.

The project is financed by the cohesion funds of the European Union, as well as own funds approved by the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport. 

This award reinforces Abengoa's role in the international railway sector. Recently, it has worked on the largest railway project signed by Spanish companies abroad: the construction of the Meca-Medina high-speed line in Saudi Arabia. In addition, in Spain, the company has led the creation of a railway hub, ‘The Railway Innovation Hub’, which constitutes an alliance between Spanish companies whose main objective is the promotion of innovation in this sector.

From left to right: Karolis Sankovski, director general of LG, Mantas Bartuška, LG CEO, Jules Gardeazabal, Railways Projects Director Elecnor, Carlos González, VP Business Development Elecnor and Pablo Infante, VP Abengoa T&I.

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