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Abengoa offers its employees the chance to implement their own social action projects through the ‘Your Project Counts’ program

February 20, 2013

  • Employees can submit a plan of educational and social activities and if selected, it can be subsequently implemented in the different centers of the PEyC program.

Seville, February 20, 2013. Abengoa, the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainable development in the energy and environment sectors, has carried out the first edition of the “Your Project Counts” program in Argentina. This initiative offers all employees of Teyma Abengoa the opportunity to present an educational and social activities plan and to subsequently implement it at the different centers that the PEyC social development program (People, Education and Communities: Committed to Development) has in the country (Monte Quemado, Tintina, Quimilí and Alderetes). The volunteers were able to travel to the different centers to provide training in the workshops that they organized themselves.

The two projects selected by the employees were the creation of a workshop for making mosaics and ‘trencadís’ (mosaics made with ceramic fragments combined with mortar), conceived by María Alejandra Villa; and the start-up of a training workshop for ‘decoupage’ (a manual decorative technique that uses printed paper or fabrics that are applied to various supports such as wood, ceramics, metal, candles, soaps and glass, among others), costume jewelry and technical drawing, organized by María Victoria Codegoni.

The experience of these two volunteers and the beneficiaries began in Quimilí and continued in Tintina and Monte Quemado, all in Santiago del Estero, ending up in Alderetes, Tucumán. Throughout the workshops, the two volunteers received a constant stream of thanks from children, youngsters, handicapped students and educators in the north of the country. “At home we all lead busy lives, but if we can just dedicate a few moments to something like this, just a little bit of time, a few words, I assure you that it will warm your heart”, said Victoria at the end of her project.

For her part, Alejandra said, “My expectations were enormous. I have been wanting to come for a long time and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been able to share some of our knowledge”.

PEyC (People, Education and Communities. Committed to Development) is a development program based around education. It is one of Abengoa’s social action pillars. Since its launch, the program has become the hallmark of the company’s social work and has extended its scope to Peru, Brazil, India, Mexico and Chile, helping underprivileged groups such as children, women, the elderly, handicapped people and families that live in poverty and social isolation.

The objective of the “Your Project Counts” initiative and the PEyC volunteer programs is to share volunteers’ skills and knowledge with the beneficiaries of the program in order to grow together.

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