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November 14, 2012

  • Through its PEyC (People, Education and Communities) program, Abengoa collaborates with disadvantaged communities in Argentina, Peru, Brazil, India, Mexico and Chile.

Sevilla, November 14, 2012.- Abengoa, the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainable development in the energy and environment sectors, through its PEyC social development program, implemented in Argentina in 2005, has helped thousands of people from underprivileged groups to improve their quality of life and look to the future with optimism.

The PEyC (People, Education and Communities) is a support program based on education and one of the mainstays of Abengoa's social action. Since its implementation, the program has become the hallmark of the company's social work and has extended its scope of cooperation to Peru, Brazil, India, Mexico and Chile, helping the most vulnerable groups: children, women, elderly, discapacitated people and families living in poverty and social isolation.

Abengoa believes its growth is closely tied to the development and welfare of the communities in which it operates and that the relationship with them must be based on mutual understanding; hence the PEyC cooperates with institutions and local NGOs that provide support for the most vulnerable groups, and company employees also participate in the different programs implemented to this end. These local organizations, aware of the needs and socio-cultural identity of these groups, work with teachers, cooks, health workers and volunteers to carry out actions that help towards the social and economic betterment of these communities.

With this philosophy, children from three to six years of age from more than 60 villages in India are being taught Gujarati (official state language), mathematics and writing to prepare them for primary school. Being able to attend school through the acquisition of this knowledge is crucial to ensure the children are properly prepared when it is time for them to enter the labor market and that they are not subjected to harsh working days. Moreover, women are taught hygiene, care and nutrition to help ensure risk-free pregnancies and healthy rearing of their babies.

In Brazil, nearly 100 young girls and adolescent victims of problematic family environments and domestic violence are being cared for. It is essential that they receive help and training to improve their quality of life and ensure they do not grow up in a climate of insecurity. Women also receive priority attention in Chile where Abengoa works to protect victims of domestic violence, and their children, by training and preparing them for immersion in the labor market. In Peru, Mexico and Argentina, Abengoa also seeks to develop the qualities, aptitude and creativity of older people, people with any kind of discapacity, women and children, through schooling support, training workshops and all kinds of physical activities. The company also helps families in need to improve their situation through prepared homes, education and assistance.

In the not too distant future, Abengoa will extend the boundaries of the PEyC program to open up new horizons to vulnerable groups. Growth in harmony with these communities, consolidation of mutual understanding and collaboration, and protection of human rights are essential for a company that does not envisage growth without betterment of the communities in which it operates.

Reconciling social and economic aspects of CSR is fundamental to enable achievement of sustainable development and establishment of a lasting economic model.

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