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José Domínguez Abascal, Technical General Secretary of Abengoa, enters the Real Academia de Ingeniería

February 28, 2012 Descargar Download document (pdf 43 KB)

The inauguration took place at the headquarters of the Real Academia de Ingeniería (RAI) in Madrid, at a formal ceremony in which José Domínguez Abascal gave an address entitled, “Numeric Models in Gr...

Abengoa: a year of continued growth, deleverage and diversification

February 27, 2012 Descargar Download document (pdf 53 KB)

Abengoa reports 2011 revenues of €7,089 million, EBITDA of €1,103 million and Net Income of €257 million, an increase of 46%, 36% and 24%, respectively. Net corporate leverage reduced to 2.1x, from 3....

Opening of the walkway at Abengoa’s Campus Palmas Altas

February 14, 2012 Descargar Download document (pdf 36 KB)

The walkway, which is 80 meters long, connects Campus Palmas Altas with the Seville neighborhood of Los Bermejales. The project encourages good relations between pedestrians and cyclists, while also p...

Abengoa announces 2011 earnings conference call

February 14, 2012 Descargar Download document (pdf 40 KB)

The Focus-Abengoa Foundation celebrates the 21st edition of the master concerts series in the chapel of the Hospital de los Venerables

February 3, 2012 Descargar Download document (pdf 52 KB)

The series entitled, “The organ: a source of culture among the peoples of Europe” will bring together three well known organists, Stefano Inocenti, Yuka Ishimaru and Wolfgang Zerer. These annual conc...

Abengoa and JGC's thermal solar power plant, Solacor 1, comes online

February 2, 2012 Descargar Download document (pdf 44 KB)

The plant will produce the energy equivalent of that needed to power approximately 26,000 homes. More than 60,500 mirrors, located over 110 hectares, will concentrate sunlight.

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