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Abengoa awarded largest water management project in Peru

March 25, 2011

25 March 2011. Abengoa, the company that develops innovative technology solutions for sustainable development in the water and environment sectors has been awarded a contract, as part of a consortium with Graña y Montero, to expand and improve the drinking water and sewerage system in the constitutional province of Callao (Peru), as part of the Pachacútec project. The contract is worth $118 million.

The works awarded by Sedapal, the public company responsible for Lima’s drinking water and sewerage service, will supply drinking water to 200,000 people who have not been able to enjoy this basic necessity to date.

The Pachacútec project is the most important initiative launched in Peru as part of the government’s “Water for Everyone” program, and one of the most important of its kind in the region. Launched by the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation in 2003, it seeks to promote the development of under-resourced local villages and economic growth in these regions.

These works represent an important step forward in the living conditions of a population that lives in underdeveloped conditions, but which will now experience significant progress in their daily lives.

Abengoa has been working in Peru since 1982, where it has developed numerous similar projects, including the expansion and improvement of the drinking water system in Manchay, Pariachi and Piura. This project highlights Peru’s confidence in the professionalism and experience that Abengoa has demonstrated over the years.

Abengoa (MCE: ABG) is an international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability development in the energy and environment sectors, generating electricity from the sun, producing biofuels, desalinating sea water and recycling industrial waste. (

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