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Abener wins the X Andalusian Excelence Award

November 12, 2010

Abener achieves the X Andalusian Excellence Award in the category of “Management Systems”.

This contest has been organised by the Department of Economy, Innovation and Science with the assistance of the Andalusian Centre of Excellence in Management. This prize was set up in 2000 to distinguish the andalusian companies which are capable to achieve their improvements in management results, based on the implementation of methods and tools which contribute to promote the culture of quality in Andalusia.

This is the first time Abener enters in this competition, but it is the third company of Abengoa wining the award after Telvent and Inabensa.

Abener since 2008 has made notable efforts to achieve that all its management principles were based on the EFQM model. Likewise, Abener has developed strategic plans which, based on a long experience to obtain this system, have led the company to acquire high levels of efficiency.

Abener is very proud of receiving this award, which recognises the competitive advantages of implementing a management model recognised in the market. On the other hand, it demonstrates the excellent business management carried out by the company. This prize is also recognised thanks to the compromise of those who are involved with the politics and strategy of the company.

The successful professional career of Abener as engineering and construction leader for sustainable development has been the key to achieve this accomplishment, one of the best recognised within the business framework.

Antonio Griñán, president of Andalucia Provincial Government will present to Abener the award in the prize-giving ceremony, which will be hold in November.

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