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Sustainable Mobility Policy

October 27, 2010

Abengoa is aware that its business activity involves transporting people and goods and requires measures and actions aimed at improving the mobility of its providers, employees, clients and the transportation of materials and products for its own benefit and for the benefit of society as a whole.

Transportation involves the use of resources and CO2 emissions which takes on a different consideration depending on the chosen means, the frequency and even the time at which it takes place; this contributes to better or worse time management and has an impact on real productivity.

With this declaration, Abengoa commits to introduce sustainable mobility measures into the company’s policies on human resource management, logistics, transportation, parking, fleets, training and communications, integrating sustainable mobility into its Corporate Responsibility policies and into the series of commitments on sustainability that it has been developing across all its activities.

The commitment we are making will take the form of objectives, actions and/or specific indicators in each one of our business units. In addition to:

- Informing, communicating to, raising awareness and training our employees, customers and providers about sustainable mobility and the behaviour and measures that can be taken to promote it.

- Minimising the amount of travel undertaken by our employees, customers and providers by using information technology, rationalising working hours or other forms of rationalisation, as well as making services of different types available to employees, fostering both work and social compatibility at the same time.

- Defining and applying measures aimed at reducing distance and CO2 emissions produced by employees, customers and providers travelling, thereby increasing the quality of this travel.

- Taking action on travel undertaken for work with a view to improving output, quality of mobility and reduce the environmental impact of the same.

- Taking action on the modal option of travel of its employees, customers and providers, adopting measures that provide incentives to use collective transportation, public transportation, non-motor vehicles or low-emission vehicles.

- Taking action on travel associated with distribution (meaning the distribution of our own goods or of the company’s providers) reducing the number, distance and impact of mobility.

- Adopting measures in the area of the company’s own transportation fleet or fleets used on behalf of the company and its providers aimed at saving energy and introducing, implementing and promoting fleets of more environmentally-friendly vehicles.

- Having our sustainable mobility systems certified externally in accordance with recognised standards of reference.

This declaration is available to employees, customers, providers and any other interested parties.

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