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Befesa finalizes contract for water supply project to be executed for the city of Ratnapura in Sri Lanka

August 19, 2010

Madrid, August 19, 2010.- Following the agreement sealed in 2009, Befesa has signed a business contract with the National Water Supply and Drainage Board of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka to design and build the first phase of the Ratnapura water supply project. The contract is valued at nearly 26 million euros.

Ratnapura currently has an inadequate gravity-based supply system with considerable losses throughout the water pipeline. This project, designed to meet the water demand projected for the year 2025, will ensure the supply of drinking water to the city and its surrounding areas, thereby benefiting a population of close to 100,000 people.

The scope of this contract award encompasses building a potabilizing plant with the capacity to treat 13,000 cubic meters of water per day and a water line made up of pre-treatment, pre-chlorination, coagulation, flocculation, decantation, filtration, and post-chlorination systems. Also included is the construction of systems for capturing raw water from the Kalu Ganga River, a 2,500-cubic-meter storage tank, and close to 20 kilometers of water pipeline for distributing drinking water.

According to Befesa chairman Javier Molina, “Signing this contract enables Befesa to continue consolidating business on the Asian continent: In Chennai, the company recently began operating India’s largest reverse osmosis technology-based desalination plant; this facility boasts the capability to desalinate 100,000 cubic meters of water per day, thus commencing the operational phase which will continue over a period of 25 years. Befesa is also in the process of building the Qingdao (China) desalinating plant, which also has the capacity to desalinate 100,000 cubic meters each day. The company will likewise be in charge of plant operation for a 25-year period. This plant will have the capability to supply drinking water to a population of 500,000 people.”

Befesa Environment (BMA in its Spanish acronym) is an international company engaged in providing solutions for industrial waste management and recycling, as well as water generation and management. Befesa upholds a firm commitment to corporate social responsibility in helping to create a sustainable world. (

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