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Befesa’s industrial waste centre in Nerva passes the AENOR quality and environment audit

July 26, 2010

Nerva (Huelva), 26 July 2010. The Nerva centre of Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales has successfully passed the annual audit carried out by AENOR. The audit included a follow-up on the quality and environmental management systems implemented at the centre. It also covered the Validation of the Environmental Declaration 2009 based on the specifications of the EMAS regulation relating to the voluntary participation of organisations in a community system for environmental management and audit.

The purpose of these audits was to check the environmental management carried out by the company, as well as the involvement of the management in the continuous improvement of its environmental performance, compliance with legal requirements and full transparency towards clients, suppliers, administrations and the public in general, of the activities its carries out.

The company successfully passed the audit and no non-conformities were detected.

The Nerva centre has a long history of efficient and responsible business management demonstrated by the environmental and quality management system certificates (based on the UNE-EN ISO 14.001:2004, EMAS regulation and UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 standards) implemented at the centre since 2000, 2003 and 2006, respectively, and the voluntary agreements reached with local entities.

The commitment of Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales to safeguard the balance between its activities and the environment in which it operates, includes research and the use of leading technologies, the optimisation of the use of available natural resources, control of environmental quality parameters, and in general, minimising any environmental impact that may arise.

Befesa manages the wastes generated by the industrial sector, facilitating and prioritising their recovery or recycling and ensuring that they are managed in a sustainable way. The fact that the company provides services of an environmental nature makes its commitment to the environment all the more important.

Any information about this activity and the environmental management carried out by Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales, as well as additional useful information can be found on the websites and

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