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Abengoa is starting to build a footpath that will link Palmas Altas Campus with the urban area of Seville

May 7, 2010

  • The pedestrian footpath, which will run above the S-30 highway, will connect the residential areas of Bellavista and Los Bermejales.
  • The work will take about five months to complete.

Seville, 7 of May 2010.- Teyma España, which belongs to Abeinsa, the head of Abengoa’s industrial engineering and construction business group, has started to build a footpath that will give pedestrian access to Palmas Altas Campus from the area in Seville known as Los Bermejales.

The footpath, which will run above the S-30 A-road, will also connect the residential areas of Bellavista and Los Bermejales and will give Palmas Altas Campus a better connection to the city bus network, integrating Abengoa’s new headquarters within the city.

The footpath construction work, the work of the architect Richard Rogers and the Spanish company Vidal y Asociados Arquitectos, will take about five months.

Abengoa’s firm commitment to sustainable development has led it to develop an ambitious mobility plan for Palmas Altas Campus, integrated with sustainability and energy efficiency, and with the social model of Abengoa’s new headquarters. This project promotes the use of means of transport with reduced Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, such as bicycles, mopeds, buses and carpooling.

The replacement of vehicles that run on conventional fuels with hybrid vehicles or those that run on biofuels, particularly ethanol, is another of the acts included within the company’s sustainable mobility plan. In fact, some of Abengoa’s companies have already replaced their fleet of cars with vehicles that use E-85.

Abengoa’s Palmas Altas Campus is the first business park dedicated to innovation in Andalucia and the biggest private initiative, technological business complex in southern Spain. The centre, which was jointly developed with Seville City Council, brings together all of Abengoa’s activities in Seville related to the most advanced technologies, environmental excellence and sustainable development.

About Teyma

Teyma, an international industrial construction company, is a leader in the application of innovative solutions for sustainable development in the architecture, infrastructure and urban, environmental and forest services sectors. It is present in four of the five continents, developing engineering and construction turnkey projects, such as biofuel plants (France, Holland, Spain and the United States) and ISCC and CCP solar thermal power plants (Algeria, Morocco, Spain and the United States).

About Abengoa

Abengoa is a technology company that applies innovative solutions for sustainable development in the infrastructure, environment and energy sectors. It is publicly listed and is present in over seventy countries, in which its five business groups operate: Solar, Bioenergy, Environmental Services, Information Technologies and Industrial Engineering and Construction (

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