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Abener and Teyma continue at a very good pace the construction of the first thermosolar in Ecija

May 4, 2010

The works which are being executed by Abener and Teyma started on the second half of 2009 with the first parabolic trough collector’s thermosolar plant of the two plants which will set up the Platform in Ecija, Seville. Each plant will have 50 MW of power.

Each plant is made up by 360 CCP over a surface of 115 hectares. The collectors have mirror structures in a parabolic shape which follow the sun via tracking.

The high temperatures obtained trough the reflection of the sun heat a fluid and generate steam, which is transformed into electric power trough a turbine.

The Project, promoted by Abengoa Solar, has meant an investment of more than 500 million of euros. 600 of people will be employed during the construction’s period and 60 more people during the running phase of the plant. This project is committed to a strong compromise with sustainable development and climate change. The plant will be capable of supplying electricity to more than 51000 households, contributing to reduce the dependence on energy and avoiding emissions of more than 60000 tonnes of CO2 yearly.

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