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Abengoa and the University of Seville renew their agreement for scientific and research collaboration

March 11, 2010

Seville, March 11th, 2010.- The Rector of the University of Seville, Joaquín Luque, and the Chairman of Abengoa, Felipe Benjumea, have renewed the framework agreement for scientific and research collaboration for four years; both institutions having signed the first agreement in 2005.

This agreement aims to promote and develop scientific activity in research, development and innovation, and encourage educational cooperation between Abengoa and the different departments and research groups at the University of Seville. It also contemplates collaboration between the institutions in social marketing campaigns for technological research and development.

The agreement includes schedules for research, development and innovation projects and programs; mutual advice and cooperation in vocational training programs; the organization of activities aimed at the social marketing of technological research and development, and the exchange of personnel between the two institutions.

This agreement reinforces scientific activity and constitutes a qualitative step forward for research conducted in Andalusia.

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