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Abentey launches two new projects in Brazil

March 30, 2010

Seville. March 30th, 2010.- Abentey, a company formed by Teyma Internaciona (Teyma) and Abener Energía, has

launched two new projects for Abengoa Bioenergy: Expansion of the Sao Joao Sugar

and Alcohol Factory, and restoration of the Sao Joao Mill.

Regarding the Sao Joao Sugar and Alcohol Factory expansion project, Abentey will

provide management services in the engineering, procurement, construction and

commissioning areas of the project. This will increase the factory’s capacity, which will

now process 3,100,000 tonnes/cane per year (compared with 2,400,000 tonnes/cane

per year initially), with an average production of 1,600 tonnes of sugar and 450 m3 of

alcohol per day (taking into account that sugar cane crops or harvest reaches 300,000

tonnes, and that alcohol reaches 80,000 m3 per year). Entirely new facilities will be

created such as evaporation (3,000 m2), molten metal treatment (4,800 m2),

fermentation (5000 m3), yeast treatment (900 m3), distillery (600 m3/day) and cooling

towers (4500 m3/h). The evaporation (3000 m2) and molten metal treatment (mesh

filter and press filter) units have been revamped. In addition, a new electrical and

instrumentation system has been installed, as well as a DCS (Distributed Control System)

to operate the new areas, with the possibility of this being incorporated to the other


Concerning the motorization and expansion of the Sao Joao mill, Abentey will also

provide management services in the engineering, procurement, construction and

commissioning areas of the project. This project will involve increasing the mill’s capacity

from 500 tonnes of cane per hour to 690 tonnes/hour. The mill will be motorized

(replacing the 21 kgf/cm2 steam turbo pumps with medium voltage electric motors) and

the existing mills will be dismantled while civil works will be renovated. Supplementary

systems (cranes, spring systems, conveyors, rotary screens, electrical systems) will be

replaced with new ones. A DCS exclusively used for the mill will also be installed.

Abentey is 50% owned by Teyma Internacional (Teyma) and 50 % Abener Energy.

Staffed by a team of 53 employees, the main focus of its business activities is the

integration and management of EPC.

Both companies, Teyma Internacional (Teyma) and Abener Energy International belong

to Abeinsa, head of Abengoa’s engineering and industrial construction group, a

technology company applying innovative solutions for sustainable development.


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