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Abengoa Perú and Befesa awarded drinking water plant contract in the city of Arequipa, Peru

January 8, 2010

Madrid, 8 January 2010.- The company Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde has awarded the Alto Cayma consortium, comprised of Abengoa Perú, Befesa Agua, Graña y Montero and Empresa Metropolitana de Abastecimiento y Saneamiento de Aguas de Sevilla (EMASESA), the contract to construct the La Tomilla II drinking water plant in the Peruvian city of Arequipa, worth €55 million.

The awarded project includes the extension and improvement of the drinking water system in the metropolitan area of Arequipa, the second most populous city in Peru after Lima. It will involve extracting water from the River Chili and approximately 11 kilometres of pipeline to the drinking water treatment plant.

The new plant, which will use a physical-chemical treatment, followed by filtration, disinfection, pH adjustments and subsequent chlorination, will have a capacity to produce 130,000 cubic metres of water per day, which will supply nearly 850,000 inhabitants. The contract also includes the operation and maintenance of these infrastructures for three years.

This contract will be the first to be carried out in the country through the collaboration between a private company, Sociedad Minera de Cerro Verde, subsidiary of the American company Freeport McMoRan Copeer & Gold, and a public company, Servicios de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado de Arequipa (SEDAPAR), managed by Arequipa's town halls, which is responsible for the drinking water and sewerage services in this province. Sociedad Minera de Cerro Verde, which currently operates a copper mine in the city, will be responsible for the investment required to construct the awarded installations, while the operation and maintenance activities will be the responsibility of SEDAPAR.

The Alto Cayma consortium has significant technological potential, since it includes Graña y Montero, considered to be the most important construction company in Peru, as well as Abengoa Perú. Befesa Agua and EMASESA, leading companies in the development, management and operation of water infrastructures.

Javier Molina, Chairman of Befesa, said, "this award represents an important milestone for Befesa's international business. We supply water to more than five million people through our drinking water projects".

For Alfonso Gonzalez, Chairman of Abeinsa, head of Abengoa Perú's, "this contract confirms the presence of the company, throughout more than 15 years, in the most important infrastructure projects of the country".

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