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Abener wins the CSP Today awards

November 26, 2009

Seville became the epicentre of the thermoelectrically energy last 11th and 12th of November, 2009, taking in the 3rd Thermoelectric Solar Concentration Summit, promoted by CSP Today, the leader supplier in the in industry of news, events, reports, etc with regard to concentration solar energy, where more than 650 international experts met. The present edition celebrated the 1st CSP Today awards, where Abener competed with 17 finalists engineering from all over the world, becoming winner by a popular edition in the Competitiveness category. In the awards ceremony, the Technical Manager of Abener, Mr. Manuel Pozo, gathered the prize.

The capacity of Abener to undertake pioneer projects with technologies a hundred percent innovative has been crucial to become winner in the CSP awards. Abener participated in the Summit giving a speech about the ISCC technology, by Mr. Manuel Millan, the deputy manager of the Hassi R'Mel, bringing a great expectance among those present. It was emphasized the effort and work carried out in Algeria, such as the main ISCC plants features.

Abener Energia provides global, innovative and sustainable solutions, which have been applied to design, construction and operation of the energetic and industrial plants.

Abener currently runs three business areas: solar, biofuels and generation. Abener is located in four of the five continents,and therefore it has subsidiaries in Spain (AG Ingenieria), Poland (Abener Energoprojekt Gliwice) , United States (Abencs) , India (AEPL) and Mexico (Abener México ) and likewise it permanent offices in those locations where the company carries out its projects.

Due to its successful career, Abener is currently one of the role-player companies' in the international market of engineering and constructing for driving projects of sustainable development. (

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