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Felipe Benjumea, chairman of Abengoa, receives the Ciemat Scientific Merit Medal 2007

November 13, 2009

Madrid, November 13, 2009.- Today, Felipe Benjumea received the Scientific Merit Medal from the Research Center for Energy, Environment and Technology (Ciemat), a distinction presented by the Secretary of State for Research, acknowledging his contribution to the development of science and technology through his entrepreneurial undertakings, and his support to and involvement with this organization. Mr. Felipe Benjumea is the first awardee outside the academic world. With this award, Ciemat makes a clear distinction between “knowledge” and “knowing what to do with knowledge”, and endorses Mr. Benjumea’s role as scientific manager.

The Scientific Merit Medal honors the contributions made in any scientific discipline, which benefit the development of society and science as a whole, and those who, through their leadership, have contributed to these developments.

Ciemat, attached to the Ministry of Education and Science, is a Public Investigation Center of excellence regarding energy and the environment, as well as top-notch technologies in different basic research areas. Since its establishment in 1951, it has carried out technological research and development projects, acting as reference to represent Spain in technical aspects in international forums and to advise public agencies in subject matters that fall within its scope of competence.

“I am honored to receive this award from an organization with such a long-standing track record in scientific and technological research, as it is an undeniable acknowledgement to our work, and a significant source of motivation for us to continue working in this line of growth, through innovation, that we have defined as our goal,” said Mr. Benjumea.

In this edition, Ciemat also distinguished professor Carlos Sánchez del Río y Sierra. People like professor Álvaro de Rújula, Javier Solana, Federico Mayor Zaragoza, and Galindo Tixaire, to name a few, have been distinguished with this award in previous occasions,

Abengoa is a technology provider that applies innovative solutions for sustainability to the infrastructure, environmental and energy sectors. The company is listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange and is present in more than seventy countries, operating through its five Business Units: Solar, Bioenergy, Environmental Services, Information Technologies, and Industrial Engineering and Construction (

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