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Abener recieves Asica award for the PS20 construction

November 26, 2009

Seville, November 26, 2009.- Abener has been awarded with the prize ASICA-Engineering and Society for the most appreciated work by the citizen, the PS20 project. The PS20 has been recognised for its contribution to the environmental respect and its energetic efficiency.

We must emphasize that the high level of the submitted projects made complicated the final decision of the jury. With regard to the industrial category, Abener has competed with outstanding projects such as the new fabric of Heineken, in Seville developed by Ayesa.

Among the rest of the winners, we would underline Inerco Ingenieros, for the dual carriageway Ruta de la Plata and for the enlargement of the purifier station of the residual waters la Ranilla, and Idom, for the new station of Puente Genil - Herrera, high speed train service from Cordoba to Malaga.

By the initiative of the Asociación de Ingenieros Consultores de Andalucía, ASICA, these awards comes up with the aim to recognise the work carried out by the Andalusian engineering for a better society quality of life.

This award recognises the effort done by the whole working group of Abener which have been able to provide global, innovative and sustainable solutions, which have been applied to design, construction and operation of the energetic and industrial plants.

Abener, a company of Abeinsa, Abengoa engineering and industrial construction business group, currently runs three business areas: solar, biofuels and generation. Abener is located in four of the five continents, and therefore it has subsidiaries in Poland (Abener Energoprojekt Gliwice), United States (Abencs), India (AEPL) and Mexico (Abener México ) and, with respect to Spain, apart from its headquarters, it has its subsidiary AG Ingenieria. Likewise, Abener has permanent offices in those locations where the company carries out its projects. Due to its successful career, Abener is currently one of the role-player companies’ in the international market of engineering and constructing for driving projects of sustainable development. (

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