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Abengoa Solar and the other Desertec partners form DII joint company

October 31, 2009

Seville, October 31, 2009.- Yesterday in Munich, Abengoa Solar and the rest of the partners signed up to the Desertec concept signed an agreement to establish DII, a limited liability company aimed at developing and implementing the project. This new agreement consolidates the industrial initiative constituted in July to develop secure renewable energy production in the desert regions of the Middle East and Northern Africa.

DII has also named a CEO to lead the initiative. The new appointee is engaged in talks that are at an advanced stage with companies from different countries in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East, with a view to incorporating them as DII members.

"Desertec members are most satisfied with the progress of the initiative to date. The creation of DII has prepared us to begin working in collaboration with the many public and private institutions that support the idea,"explained Santiago Seage, chairman of Abengoa Solar.

Since the announcement in July of the Desertec Foundation and the project targets, the initiative has gained political support and interest from a variety of governmental institutions in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. For example, DII is already collaborating with the "Mediterranean Solar Plan", an initiative that was approved by the European Union in 2008 to promote large-scale solar power projects in Northern Africa. The two initiatives have common goals and therefore support will be mutual.

Abengoa is a pioneer in the construction of solar plants in Northern Africa and the Middle East with its two solar thermal combined-cycle hybrid power stations located in Ain-Ben-Mathar (Morocco) and Hassi-R'mel (Algeria).

The founders of the Desertec Industrial Initiative are ABB, Abengoa Solar, Cevital, Deutsche Bank, EON, HSH Nordbank, Muenchener Rueca, M+W Zander, RWE, Schott Solar, Siemens, Solar Millennium/MSM, and the Desertec Foundation.

Abengoa Solar focuses its activity on the development and application of technologies for generating electric power with the sun (

Abengoa is a technology provider that applies innovative solutions for sustainability to the infrastructure, environmental and energy sectors. The company is listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange and is present in more than seventy countries, operating through its five Business Units: Solar, Bioenergy, Environmental Services, Information Technologies, and Industrial Engineering and Construction (

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