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Telvent selected as component of new NASDAQ OMX® Clean Edge® Smart Grid Infrastructure Index

September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009 - Telvent (NASDAQ: TLVT), the IT company for a sustainable and secure world, announced today that the Company was chosen to join the new NASDAQ OMX® Clean Edge® Smart Grid Infrastructure Index (NASDAQ: QGRD), launched last Tuesday, September 22, by the NASDAQ OMS Group and Clean Edge. This index focuses on intelligent electrical power grids, Smart Grids, as the key strategy for a sustainable energy future.

The QGRD stock index is a new benchmark for the energy market, focusing on companies, like Telvent, that contribute to the development of solutions that enable more efficient electric grids, allowing a higher interrelation level with the end users as well as extending the information digitalization; thus, providing smarter electric grids. Along with Telvent, the index includes a total of 28 companies, such as Itron, ABB, General Electric, Echelon and Siemens. All of these companies are dedicated to creating and managing the electric grids of the future through services, systems, equipment, and solutions.

"We, at Telvent, have been working for years on a revolutionary model for the electrical power grid; one that is cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable, a model that addresses the energy needs of the future. Today we already enjoy top-level references in North America as well as in Europe and Latin America, which highlight the fact that achieving a smarter grid is now indeed a reality," commented Manuel Sanchez, Telvent's Chairman and CEO. "Being part of this NASDAQ global index along with the main companies worldwide is again an acknowledgement to the continuous effort to innovate and develop new solutions in our technological centers, as well as an acknowledgement of the talent of the extraordinary professionals that make up Telvent team."

Telvent meets the market requirements through the Smart Grid Solution Suite (SGS). This suite helps companies manage their power distribution networks in a more efficient and secure way. These solutions allow maximum use of transmission and distribution networks, combining in real-time energy needs with the available generation capacity. SGS solutions allow energy utilities to manage demand at peak times, provide electricity consumption information to the grid users, improve customer service, as well as involving the user in the process to rationalize the use of energy, and to reduce response time related to possible service incidents. In conclusion, SGS brings the electrical system closer together the needs of the XXI Century, substantially differing from the investment needs in new infrastructures and maximizing return on existing ones.

Companies including Vattenfall, in Sweden, and recently Finland's Fortum have put their trust in Telvent to help them to enhance the electric grid efficiency in these countries.

Telvent has been listed at NASDAQ since 2004. In March of 2008 the company was selected to become a component of the CleanTech IndexTM – the first and only stock index composed of "cleantech" providers. In September of this year, Telvent received acknowledgement by U.S. Fortune magazine, ranking the company 15th in the classification by sector of the "100 Fastest-Growing Companies in the World" list.

About Telvent

Telvent (NASDAQ: TLVT) is a global IT solutions and business information services provider dedicated to helping improve efficiency, safety and security for the world's leading companies. Telvent serves markets that are critical to the sustainability of the planet, including the energy, transportation, agricultural and environmental sectors. (

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