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Abengoa awarded Dossier Empresarial prize for Corporate Social Responsibility

June 23, 2009

Madrid, June 23, 2009.- Abengoa was awarded the prize for Corporate Social Responsibility by the Dossier Empresarial financial journal in recognition of the company's commitment to its employees, in addition to the social, cultural and assistance efforts channeled through the Focus-Abengoa Foundation.

Furthermore, the judging panel of the Dossier Empresarial Awards, presided over by Guillermo Fernández Vara, president of the Regional Government of Extremadura, highlighted the strength of Abengoa's renewable energy-based business model, which the company has managed to develop while upholding its deep commitment to the communities in which it operates by carrying out assistance, educational, cultural, scientific and R&D&i projects.

The Dossier Empresarial Awards, held for the first time this year, are intended to acknowledge the outstanding work of individuals, businesses and institutions in seven different categories: professional career, internationalization, corporate social responsibility, regional development, business decision of the year, and media and corporate image.

Together with Abengoa, the financial weekly honored the professional career of businessman Alfonso Gallardo; the internationalization process of the Santander Bank; innovation at Pharmamar of the Zeltia Group; the regional development executed by the La Pinilla ski resort in Segovia; the shrewd business strategy of Cristian Lay, and Repsol's "Let's Invent the Future" media campaign.

Prizewinners were selected by a judging panel composed of eleven leading figures from the business and financial world: Rogelio Blanco, managing director of Books, Archives and Libraries of the Ministry of Culture; Sebastián Cebrián, managing director of the Dircom Association; Andreu Cruañas, general secretary of the Equipara Foundation and managing partner of Cruañas & Associates; Alberto Durán, chief executive officer of Fundosa; Manuel Gala, former rector of the University of Alcalá de Henares and president of CIFF; Ramón Iribarren, associate managing director of the Official Loan Institute; Jaime Montalvo, former president of the Economic and Social Council; Rafael Pola, vice-president of Publicis; Félix Puebla, managing director of Aproafa; Rafael Puyol, former rector of the Complutense University and president of the IE University, and Javier Ungría, president of Ungría Patents and Trademarks.

Abengoa is a technology company that applies innovative solutions for sustainability in the infrastructure, environmental and energy sectors. It is listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange and is present in more than seventy countries, where it operates through its five Business Units: Solar, Bioenergy, Environmental Services, Information Technologies, and Industrial Engineering and Construction (

Prize for Corporate Social Responsibility
Prize for Corporate Social Responsibility
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