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Abengoa accomplishes two new concessions for the transmission of electric power in Brazil for more than 250 million euros

May 18, 2009

Seville, May 18, 2009 - Brazil's National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) has awarded the consortium Jauru-Porto Velho (composed by Abengoa and Companhia de Transmissão de Energia Elétrica Paulista with a percentage of 25.5 each and Eletronorte with 49 percent) the construction and operation of two transmission lines of electricity, 230 kilovolt power and a length of 1,500 kilometers in total.

The contract's estimated investment is 700 million reais, about 250 million euros and also includes the construction of associated facilities and its subsequent operation and maintenance for a period of 30 years.

Both projects will be implemented over a period of twenty-four months, and will serve to channel the energy generated by the first machines to begin to operate in the Madeira River hydroelectric complex, now under construction.

The National Development Bank of Brazil (BNDES) has recently approved funding for 4 Abengoa projects that are currently under construction (ATE IV, V ATE, ATE ATE VI and VII, with a total of 463 km), whose closure Financial occur imminently. This approval comes to confirm the support of financial institutions towards these types of projects that have trusted third developers, keys in Brazil's transmission lines sector.

Abengoa is active in Brazil for over 30 years, and with this award, the Company increased to fourteen the number of concessions of transmission lines of electricity, amounting to a length greater than 8,200 kilometers.

Abengoa is a technological company that applies innovative solutions for sustainable development in the sectors of infrastructure, environment and energy. Quoted with a capitalization of EUR 1,485.51 million (15/05/2009), it is present in over seventy countries, where it operates its five business groups: Solar, Bioenergy, Environmental Services, Information Technology and Industrial Engineering and Construction (

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