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Zeroemissions agreed to purchase carbon credits from three hydroelectric plants in Colombia

April 13, 2009

The agreement signed by Zero Emissions Technologies PLC and the Colombian company Generamos Energía SA ESP will allow developing three projects under the structure of a clean mechanism for obtaining slightly more than 400,000 certificates of emissions reductions, CERs is its abbreviation in English.

The projects are three hydroelectric plants to small scale which will be built in the departments of Antioquia and Caldas.

The first of them is situated in the jurisdiction of Santiago, in the municipality of Santo Domingo, will have an installed power of 2,8 Megawatt which will allow to generate 22,000 Megawatt hour per year.

On this way and thank to the use of water as a renewable source of energy, it could be save to the atmosphere less than 9,500 tons of CO2 yearly or what is the same 10,000 tons during the 10 years of the project lifespan.

The second mini-hydroelectric plant planed is located on the municipality of Supia, in the department of Caldas has an installed power of 6,2 MW reaching a yearly production of 48,880 Megawatt hour per year.

The emissions reduction which origins this technology will mean 20,823 CO2 tons during each one of the 10 years of the period established by the UN for this sort of projects.

Finally, the project located in San Luis, department of Antioquia, will consist on the construction and operation of a plant with an installed power of 3,2 Megawatt that will generate 25,220 Megawatt hour per year and will mean a safe of emissions of greenhouse gases of 10,860 tons per year.

One of the characteristics of these projects is that are located in rural areas with a few opportunities for the development. The installation and operation of these small scales electric plants will means the creation of new jobs in a direct or indirect way, with the consequent economic impact on the local population.

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