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Teyma is the Construction Industry's Leader in Uruguay

April 3, 2009

Teyma leads the ranking in 2008's Construction industry -among the 1,000 Leading Businesses in Uruguay-, according to the magazine published by MC Consultants, nearly doubling sales made by second place Business.

Teyma is ranked ninth among the largest foreign capital companies, and within this group, it is the first Spanish capital Business.

At the same time, in the general ranking, Teyma comes thirtieth.

(Note: Charts design are on behalf of Ranking 2008 Magazine - The 1,000 Leading Businesses in Uruguay and its corporativity follows their criteria.

Teyma has picked the image of theese charts and highlighted its position.

Source: MC Consultants - Yearbook The 1,000 Leading Businesses in Uruguay

ranking teyma
ranking teyma
ranking teyma
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