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Zeroemissions will design and lead a Sustainable Mobility Plan in the Palmas Altas Technology Centre

February 16, 2009

Seville, 16th February 2009. - The Palmas Altas Technology Centre (PATC) which will hold the Abengoa´s headquarters in the Andalusian capital will also count with an employee's mobility plan. The plan will be additional to the architectural sustainable design which has been certified with the LEED Platinum by the Green Building Council.

The already mentioned plan has been designed and carried out by Zeroemissions. The company has analysed not only the ways of transports habits and the green house effect emissions resulted, but also has promoted the use of public transport and hybrid vehicles among others. It is also included in the plan the boost and development of networks for sharing transportation or even special courses to help drivers to drive efficiently.

All of these requirements will make the PATC as an example of sustainability towards other business centres.

Approximately 3,600 workers from Abengoa and other research centres and companies located in Palmas Altas will have to travel everyday to this business centre.

One of the main causes of the global warming is the emissions of green house effect gases resulted by the transport sector. Some of the basic pillars which will help to reduce significantly the environmental impact of the personal transport attached to this centre are based on the reduction of these integrated measures that combined the generalized use of the public transport, decreasing consequently, the private transport.

Zeroemissions as a company that offers solutions against the climate change, has a professional team specialized on sustainable mobility applied not only in the private field but also in the public sector.

Zeroemissions ( is the company of Abengoa providing global solutions for climate change through the promotion, development, and trade of carbon credits, corporate carbon strategy, carbon offset services and innovation in technologies for greenhouse gas reduction.

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