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Abengoa Solar presents its project for constructing the Helioenergy 1 and 2 solar plants in Écija

November 12, 2008

Écija, November 12, 2008. – Abengoa Solar presented its project today in Écija for building two solar plants in this municipality. The plants, called Helioenergy 1 and 2, will each have a power output capacity of 50 megawatts. The ceremony was presided over by Francisco Bas Jiménez, Managing Director of the Andalusian Energy Agency; the Mayor of Écija, Juan Wic, and the General Manager of Abengoa Solar España, Pedro Robles.

This project, backed by the City of Écija, represents a total investment of 500 million euros. The two plants will produce enough energy to meet the power consumption needs of approximately 52,000 homes.

Pedro Robles, General Manager of Abengoa Solar España, explained the technology that will be employed for the two future power plants, pointing out that their construction will represent “an important asset for the town’s development and be the best example of everyone’s commitment to halting climate change.” This new Abengoa Solar initiative will entail “the creation of 600 jobs during the construction process, and 60 over the course of the operational period”, added Pedro Robles.

In turn, Juan Wic, mayor of Écija, pointed out that “For this government team, which stands by clean energy sources as part of its commitment to sustainability, this represents an irrefutable project as well as a significant avenue for business, directly linked to creating jobs and to economic diversification.” Wic also emphasized that “Today is a very important day for Écija. We have been working for months so that one of the world’s most important companies, Seville’s Abengoa, may establish itself here. It is an honor for us to welcome this company, with a presence in more than 70 countries and extraordinary sales figures, to the community of Écija. I therefore wish to thank Abengoa Solar for the project, which will be a guaranteed success.”

The Helioenergy 1 and 2 plants will help to reduce energy dependence and will each eliminate the emission of 31,400 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually, thereby responding to Abengoa’s commitment to sustainability and the fight against climate change.

Helioenergy 1 and 2 technology The Helioenergy 1 and 2 plants will utilize parabolic trough technology, a solution that is clean, developed and designed for large-scale installations for commercial purposes. This technology was first installed in the United States at the beginning of the 80s and is today considered one of the most efficient for generating electricity through the use of solar power.

Parabolic trough technology is based on the utilization of a thermodynamic cycle that is similar to that of conventional plants, but which, instead of burning coal or gas, makes use of solar radiation to produce electricity.

Both plants will be made up of a set of highly reflective mirrors with a parabolic shape, arranged upon a structure that enables them to track the sun’s movement. These mirrors concentrate the solar radiation onto a heat-absorbing pipe inside which circulates a fluid that reaches high temperatures. Using a heat exchanger, water vapor is subsequently produced and sent directly to a turbo-generator, where it expands in order to produce electricity. It is therefore a completely clean process that prevents the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Abengoa Solar’s extensive experience in this sector has been proven through the construction and start-up of the first Concentrated Solar Power plants at the Solúcar Platform, the largest solar platform in Europe. This complex located in the town of Sanlúcar la Mayor will have reached 300 megawatts of power output capacity in 2013.


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