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Baroque Seville is the focus for a series of concerts featuring new organists organised by the Focus-Abengoa Foundation

November 7, 2008

Seville, 7 November 2008. The Focus-Abengoa Foundation will open a series of concerts next Monday, the 10th of November, to promote new organists who will give performances on the theme of “ Baroque Seville. The universal capital of an empire” over the next three days.

The purpose of the concerts, given by Ana Aguado, Joxe Benantzi and Susana García, all from Spain at the church of Seville’s Hospital de los Venerables, is to highlight the contribution of Seville to the musical panorama of the 17th century, coinciding with Seville’s greatest period of artistic dominance; the starting point in a period in which Seville became the universal capital of an empire.

The repertoire selected by the organists closely reflects the musical opulence and influence of this decade. The organ of the Los Venerables church will be used to play works by J.S. Bach, J.B. Cabanilles, L.N. Clerambault, G. Böhm, J.G. Walter and Francisco Correa de Arauxo, among others.

Ana Aguado Rojo from Palencia, a graduate of the Catalonia College of Music and who is currently extending her studies at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam, will open this new series of organ recitals today. On Tuesday 11th, will be the turn of Joxe Benantzi from Vizcaya, who was awarded the final project prize from the San Sebastián College of Music and who currently teaches the organ at Alicante Conservatory. He will perform various baroque pieces in the Los Venerables church. Finally, Susana García Lastra from Asturias, who was awarded the final project prize from the Seville Conservatory and is now a music teacher, will close the program on Wednesday 12.

Created by Abengoa in 1982, the Foundation’s mission is to implement Abengoa's social action policy, which it does on a non-profit basis with general interest objectives focussing on welfare, education, culture, science, research and technological development. The Foundation has become a valuable instrument in Abengoa culture. Not only is it capable of providing support for the professional and human development of its employees, it is also capable of relating to society’s new sensibilities as a whole, globally managing intangible assets whose influence benefits and pervades the company’s own values and objectives.

Focus-Abengoa Foundation. Series of concerts to promote new organists. Baroque Seville. Universal capital of an empire.

Church of the Hospital de los Venerables. C/ Jamerdana s/n.
Time: 8.30 pm.
Dates:10, 11 and 12 November 2008.
Price: 2.40 Euros
Reduced price: 1.20 Euros. Over 65s, pensioners, students (with accreditation), cultural and educational groups (with reservations) and employees.

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