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Abengoa Bioenergy Receives Development Grant for New Illinois Ethanol Facility

September 9, 2008

Madison, IL, (September 9, 2008): Abengoa Bioenergy, a worldwide leader in ethanol production, today formally announced Madison, Illinois as the site for construction of its next commercial ethanol production facility in the United States. The site was announced in an event attended by Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and other Illinois state officials, who announced that the project would be the recipient of a $ four million grant through the state’s Renewable Fuels Development Program. This program was developed to support the construction of new biofuel production facilities within the state using local labor.

The new facility to be built by Abengoa Bioenergy is situated in Illinois on a 79 acre site in the Tri City Regional Port District just five miles north of the St. Louis Gateway Arch. The plant is expected to be operational by the end of 2009, and is designed to produce 88 million gallons of ethanol annually using traditional cereal grains as a feedstock. The facility will utilize state of the art technology based on a proven design which the company has operated at it’s facility in Ravenna, Nebraska since the start up of that facility approximately one year ago. In addition to construction jobs, the facility will create over 60 permanent jobs with a direct plant payroll of approximately $ four million annually, and will utilize 32 million bushels of grain each year.

Javier Salgado, president and CEO of Abengoa Bioenergy, told the gathering of officials and dignitaries: “With this project, Abengoa Bioenergy continues the journey that began in 1995 to establish a leadership position in biofuels technology and production capacity to provide a sustainable energy alternative to the transportation sector. This facility will be one more significant step for the United States in its quest to achieve energy independence and benefit the environment at the same time.”

For more information on the Madison, Illinois plant, contact Christopher Standlee at Abengoa Bioenergy, (636) 728-0508, or via the Web at

About Abengoa Bioenergy

Abengoa Bioenergy is the largest European ethanol producer, one of the largest producers in the U.S.A, and the only worldwide bioethanol manufacturer, with more than 340 million gallons/year (mgpy) of total installed capacity. Abengoa currently has 198 mgpy in the United States, 142 mgpy in Europe, and an additional 6 million tons of sugar cane milling capacity in Brazil. Its construction of new facilities in both the US and Europe already under way will generate 374 mgpy of total capacity in the US and 334 mgpy in Europe by 2010, for a total of 708 mgpy.

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