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The ConSOLI+Da project, headed up by Abengoa Solar, selected within the Cenit program

August 5, 2008

Madrid, August 5, 2008. - Abengoa Solar announced today that the ConSOLI+Da project, which the company is heading up, has been selected within the Cenit program, managed by CDTI. The project is intended to contemplate financing of major integrated industrial research projects.

The ConSOLI+Da project, developed by a large consortium made up of private companies and public research institutions, will have a four-year duration and will require continuous R&D&i effort from all of those involved. Abengoa Solar is acting as the driving force, giving a significant boost to developing and improving Concentrating Solar Power technologies.

The project, entailing an investment of 24 million euros, seeks improvement of the different High-Concentrating Solar Power technologies, progress in integrating installations, and development of new applications. It will also contribute to positioning Spanish industry as a world leader in these technologies.

Furthermore, the ConSOLI+Da project will favor the creation in Spain of a multidisciplinary research and development network in an area in which technological advances are necessary for making progress in terms of efficiency and cost reduction. Solar energy is clean, inexhaustible, and its use lowers CO 2 emissions; moreover, it plays an essential role in meeting the target set by the European Union to reduce CO 2 emissions by 20 percent in 2020.

Santiago Seage, chairman of Abengoa Solar, expressed satisfaction with "receiving the support needed to develop a network that will join the efforts of the different players involved in the commitment to Spanish leadership in Concentrating Solar Power."

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