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Befesa renews its support for Santo Ángel School in Huelva

June 11, 2008

Huelva, June 11, 2008.- Santiago Ortiz, manager of Befesa Industrial Waste Management, has presented a cheque for EUR 3,000 to the Santo Ángel School in Huelva, which the centre will use to improve its botanical garden. Befesa has once again demonstrated its commitment to the environment and the societies in which it is present through the Industrial Waste Management Centre in Nerva.

This is the third consecutive year that Befesa has supported the school in Huelva in looking after its botanical garden. During his visit Santiago Ortiz, manager of Befesa Industrial Waste Management, expressed his pleasure at Befesa’s participation in a project of this type, which “allows pupils to learn about respect and care for nature, an activity that is a priority for us".

Estrella Franco, director of the Santo Ángel School, said that looking after the botanical garden “involves all the pupils. It is also a privilege to have such a precious garden in our school”.

Estrella Franco thanked Befesa for its financial support and reiterated that the garden “is open to all those who wish to visit it, especially other schools in the city”.

The Santo Ángel School botanical garden has some 150 species of trees and shrubs from countries as disparate as Japan, Australia and México. Pupils have already catalogued 54 of these species and have also built bird tables and bird houses as well as a weather station.

Santo Ángel School, the oldest in Huelva, is run by the Order of the Sisters of the Guardian Angel and has 225 secondary students.

The activity of Befesa, Abengoa’s environmental services subsidiary, focuses on providing environmental services for industry and construction of environmental infrastructures. It is a listed company that closed the 2007 financial year with share capitalization of more than 550 million euro.(

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