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Registered before United Nations a project in which Zeroemissions participates and that will avoid the emissions of a million of tons of CO2-equivalent to the atmosphere

February 26, 2008

At the beginning of the month of February the "Montevideo Landfill Gas Capture and Flare Project", was registered before the United Nations, project in which Zeroemissions participates thanks to its investment at the Spanish Carbon Fund (Fondo Español de Carbono).

The agreement of the buying and selling transaction of the emissions reduction certificates´ generated by the project is of a million CER. That means that throughout the 21 years of operation, a million tons of equivalent CO2 will be avoided to the atmosphere.

The methane gas is branded as a greenhouse gas effect, with a global heating power superior to CO2. To be precise, a ton of methane has an influence in the climate equal to 21 tons of CO2. Therefore its control becomes very useful in the fight against climate change.

 The methane is produced in a natural way by the decomposition of organic matter present in our urban garbage bins. Traditionally, it was been stored in great garbage dumps without the implementation of any measures of control and reduction. With this project, these facilities will be equipped with an impermeable cover that will avoid the emissions of this gas to the atmosphere, allowing its capture and conduction to facilities that will allowed its burning to be controlled.

 Other positive consequences of the application of this technology on the surrounding communities are: the reduction of other emissions different from the methane gas, the reduction of the risk of explosion and also the bad smell associated to biogas.

The garbage dump of Montevideo where this project is going to take place is located in the suburbs of the Uruguayan capital and serves the communities of Montevideo and Canelones, with a daily capacity of 10.5 tons of urban waste.

Abengoa, through Zeroemissions Carbon Trust, is with an 8.96 per cent the first private investor of the Spanish Carbon Fund, after the big three electrical groups.
This fund, managed by the World Bank, is worth 170 million euros. The FEC was born in 2005 with the aim to buy emission reductions from clean development mechanisms projects and thus to contribute to the fulfillment of the commitments acquired by Spain within the framework of the Kyoto Protocol. The Fund mainly invests in projects around the Latin American region and implies a contribution to sustainable development of the recipient countries of the investment, thanks to the transfer and application of clean technologies.

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