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Befesa will construct a water treatment plant to supply Mancomunidad de Canales de Taibilla, in Murcia

December 20, 2007

Madrid, December 20, 2007. Aguas de la Cuenca del Segura, a body dedicated to the management, contracting and promotion of hydraulic works within the river Segura Hydrographic Basin, has awarded Befesa, under a joint venture with Degremont, the more than 33 million euro contract to construct the potable water treatment plant to supply, with water from Cenajo reservoir, Mancomunidad de Canales de Taibilla, in Murcia province.

The objective of the 11 section, included in the AGUA Program, is to improve and regulate water quality and quantity for some 80 municipalities of Murcia and Alicante, and allow the incorporation of Jumilla and Yecla into Mancomunidad de Canales de Taibilla.

The section awarded to Befesa comprises the construction of a new potable water treatment plant (PWTP) that will centralize the existing Mancomunidad’s existing treatment capacity. The maximum treatment capacity of Cenajo potabilization plant will be six cubic meters per second with two three cubic-meter per second lines. The 11,250 cubic-meter supply tank will be located in the municipal district of Moratalla (Murcia), on the grounds of the PWTP.

A registered population of more than seventy thousand will benefit from the activities. This number can rise to approximately one million one hundred thousand during the summer season. The work will contribute to elimination of the risks of pollution from uncontrolled or accidental discharges into waterways that put the population in danger. In addition, it will reduce current losses in volumes transferred in open beds and channels.

According to Befesa’s president, Javier Molina, "with this contract, Befesa continues to participate in the AGUA Program aimed at the gradual solving of shortcomings in water management, availability and quality via lasting and reliable solutions".

Befesa, Abengoa’s environmental services subsidiary, focuses on providing environmental services for industry and the construction of environmental infrastructures. It is a listed company that closed the 2006 financial year with market capitalization of more than 813 million euro. (

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