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Zeroemissions gets contract for a CDM project in India

December 17, 2007

Seville, December 17, 2007.- Zeroemissions, the Abengoa’s company which provides global solutions for Climate Change, has announced today the signing of a contract with Chennai Water Desalination Limited to conduct a CDM project in a Desalination Plant in the Indian city of Chennai (formerly Madras).

A CDM project or Clean development Mechanism has as result a reduction in the green house gases and it is consider as a mechanism to be used for the accomplishment of the Kyoto Protocol and the Climate Change.

According to this contract, Zeroemissions will go through the whole process of registration as a CDM project at United Nations and the subsequent marketing of emission reductions generated by a project that will improve energy efficiency at the desalination plant in Chennai, by introducing frequency converters that regulates the functioning of water pumps, adjusting to the needs of each moment and therefore consuming less energy. This will mean a further reduction in CO2 emissions to the atmosphere of 130,000 tons in 10 years.

This reduction in emissions will be certified by United Nations and may be used by countries committed to reduce greenhouse gases emissions set in the Kyoto Protocol. Income derived from the marketing implies further optimization in the financing of this project.

The desalination plant in Chennai, currently under construction, was awarded in 2005 to Chennai Water Desalination Limited, a consortium formed by Befesa and a local construction company, IVRCL infrastructures and Projects.

This will ensure the supply of water to the whole town, which until now it depended on weather conditions and now as well, it contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases with the introduction of this energy recovery technology, in which Befesa is a world leader.

According to Alfonso Gonzalez, Zeroemissions president and president of Abeinsa, Abengoa's engineering and construction industry business group- "This contract is of great strategic importance to us because it implies that Zeroemissions will be introduced in the Indian market, which along with the Chinese market, it represents areas with the greatest potential in CDM projects consulting."

Zeroemissions is Abengoa’s company which provides global solutions for Climate Change through the promotion, development, and trade of carbon credits (CDM/JI), carbon offset services and innovation in technologies for greenhouse gas reduction.

Befesa, Abengoa's subsidiary for environmental services, focus its activities on providing environmental services for industry and the construction of environmental infrastructure. It’s quoted on the Stock Market and it closed 2006 with a gross earning of 813 million euros.

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