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Abengoa chosen to join the IBEX 35 index

December 12, 2007

Madrid, December 11, 2007.- Abengoa, a technology company applying innovative solutions for sustainable development in the infrastructure, environmental and energy sectors, has been chosen by the Technical Assessment Committee (TAC) of the Ibex 35 to form part of the index as of January 2, 2008.

Abengoa, along with Grifols, will replace Antena 3 and NH Hotels, after a decision in the normal selection review by TAC, which considers the capitalization, business volume and business sector of each company.

The Ibex 35 is the Spanish Index most followed by both national and foreign investors, and includes the 35 companies with the largest market capitalization and business volume. Becoming a part of this index is a privilege reserved for a minority of publicly traded companies.

According to Amando Sanchez Falcón, CFO of Abengoa, “The growing interest by investors in renewable energies and sustainable development and in companies with the technology to deal with the challenges humanity faces in combining economic growth with environmental conservation, has allowed Abengoa to rank as one of the 35 largest market capitalization and business volume enterprises in Spain.”

Abengoa, traditionally an engineering company, is now aiming at creating a more sustainable world. Thus, it has focused its growth in the creation of new technologies which contribute to sustainable development. Abengoa has consolidated itself as a leader in using solar energy for electrical generation plants (with plans to roll out hundreds of Mw more of clean energy in the coming years), in developing second generation technologies in biomass bioethanol, in the treatment of industrial residues and water usage and administration, and in developing information technology for a more sustainable and secure world.

Throughout 2007, Abengoa was included in other alternative energy and technology for sustainable development indices such as: The Merril Llynch Renewable Energy Index, the Credit Suisse Global Alternative Energy Index (CSGAE) and the S&P Global Challengers 40 Index.

Abengoa trades in the Stock Exchange with a capitalization above 2,155.89 million euros (11/12/2007) and is present in over 70 countries operating in five business groups: Solar, Bioenergy, Enviromental Services, Information Technology, and Industrial Engineering and Construction.

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