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Ruth Morán wins the Focus-Abengoa 2007 Painting Prize for her work "Verde pequeña madera"

December 7, 2007

Seville, 7 December 2007.- The Focus-Abengoa Foundation today announced the winner of the 25th edition of the Focus-Abengoa Painting Prize as Ruth Morán (Badajoz, 1976) for her work "Verde pequeña madera(“Little green wood”). The jury, chaired by Anabel Morillo León, Director General of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation, also recognised the work of Cristina Galeote, entitled "Transmutación del mundo concreto(“Transmutation of the concrete world”), and the work of José Antonio Hernández (Kribi Heral), "Father-Mother Archive", as runners-up.

The jury in this edition comprised Juan Carrete Parrondo, Juan Fernández Lacomba, Alfonso E. Pérez Sánchez and Manuel Sánchez Arcenegui, who analysed 400 works of art, of which 83 were from foreign artists.

The Focus-Abengoa Painting Prize, awarded for any technique and theme, is worth a total of €36,000, with a first prize of €24,000 awarded to Ruth Morán, and two runners-up prizes of €6,000 each, which will be presented to Cristina Galeote and Kribi Heral. The works of the three winners will form part of the Focus-Abengoa collection of paintings and graphic arts.

In the work entitled "Verde pequeña madera" by Ruth Morán, the jury highlighted “the abstract expressionism, its capacity for spatial and directional evocation, the austerity of the language and its spatial suggestiveness (resonance, musical, internal landscape)”. In "Transmutación del mundo concreto" by Cristina Galeote, it emphasised “its artistic ability, the strategy of the content, the sense of analysis in the image, the design, the social and psychological expression, the lack of humanity and the sense of theatrical setting”. Finally, in "Father-Mother Archive" by Kribi Heral, the jury liked “its iconographic synthesis, its ironic and critical qualities, its new materials and the sense of construction in the image”.


The works of the finalists and winners will be on display at the Foundation’s headquarters, the Hospital de los Venerables in Seville, from Thursday 27 December to 10 February.


The Focus-Abengoa Painting Prize, which has a long tradition and a prestigious reputation, has been held for more than 25 years and has become one of the leading European and American awards in the arts world. This international award renews the Foundation’s commitment to contemporary art and promotes an exchange of artistic experiences beyond our frontiers, in line with the concerns and requests of the award’s creators. As shown in previous years, participation in this award strengthens the value of works by recognised painters and provides new opportunities for talented young artists, who need both financial and social support in their careers towards becoming professionals.

The Focus-Abengoa Foundation has expressed a clear interest in all cultural activities, not only in those directly related to the city of Seville, but all artistic, literary and scientific expressions, nationally and internationally, since it was established.

Created by Abengoa in 1982, the Foundation has a mission to implement Abengoa's social action policy, which it does on a non-profit basis for general interest purposes, focussing on welfare, educational, cultural, scientific, research and technological development. The Foundation has become a valuable instrument in Abengoa culture. Not only is it capable of supporting the professional and human development of its employees, but also of relating to society’s new sensibilities as a whole, globally managing intangible assets whose influence benefits and pervades the company’s own values and objectives.

Información sobre los premiados

Ruth Morán (Badajoz, 1976) is a fine arts graduate from the University of Seville. She has also trained at the workshop of the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art. In 2005 she was awarded the “Francisco Zurbarán” Grant for Fine Arts from the regional government of Extremadura. Her latest individual exhibitions include a show in Plasencia (2006) organised by the regional government of Extremadura, and an exhibition for the Surveyors’ Foundation of Seville (2005). She has also participated in various group exhibitions at art fairs such as Contemporáneo Art Salamanca, Arte Lisboa and Valencia Art, as well as the art fair of the Surveyors’ Foundation of Seville (2005). Various works have been acquired by the provincial government of Cáceres, Caja de Ahorros de Badajoz and the Asturian Centre in Mexico City.
She received first prize for “New Painters” from the Caja de Ahorros de Badajoz in 1998. 

Verde pequeña madera 
Verde pequeña madera
180 x 152 cm

Cristina Galeote (Málaga, 1976) is a fine arts graduate from the University of Seville, specialising in graphic design. She has attended various courses on engraving techniques, which was the focus of her doctorate. She has given various courses on this technique in the Fine Arts Faculty of Seville and in Seville city hall. She has participated in various group exhibitions in the Antequera Cultural Centre in Málaga from 1999 to 2006, as well as in Taipei (Taiwan) where she collaborated in the “Ex Libris” engraving exhibitions in 2005 and 2006. She has held individual exhibitions at the Universidad de los Andes, in Venezuela (2000), and in Malpesa in Brussels from 2003 to 2007. Her work won her the Graphic Design Prize (2001) entitled "Immigration, a problem or a solution?" awarded by the regional government of Andalusia in collaboration with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Seville, among other awards.

Transmutación del mundo concreto 
Transmutación del mundo concreto
163 x 200 cm

José Antonio Hernández (Kribi Heral) (Alicante, 1967) is a fine arts graduate from the Universidad Miguel Herández in Alicante who completed his training at the School of Arts and Crafts of Alcoy and Valencia, and in the painting workshop of the Emilio Botín Foundation in Santander. He has held various individual exhibitions at the University of Alicante in 2004 and 2005, as well as in the Aural gallery in Valencia in 2003 and 2005. He has participated in group shows organised by the Casa de Vacas in Madrid (2004), in the Zamudio Technology Park, Vizcaya (2005), in Móstoles Cultural Centre in Madrid (2006) and in Valencia city hall (2007). He was awarded first prize in the Tapiró painting awards (2006) in the Tarragona modern art museum biennial, and first prize in the Bancaja painting awards, Valencia (2007).

Father - Mother Archive 
Father - Mother Archive
170 x 170 cm

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