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Presentation at Mexico of Focus-Abengoa Award 2007

August 13, 2007

The Foundation made delivery of Focus-Abengoa Award 2007 the last July 30, in a ceremony at Abengoa México offices. In the course of it, was delivered the Second Price ex aequo of Obligatory Secondary Education End of Studies, spared to Acela Julieta Márquez Soto, daughter of Julián Márquez, Abengoa Mexico engineer. The solemn ceremony was chair by Felipe Benjumea Llorente, Focus-Abengoa Foundation president.

The winner of the award, furthermore than continue with her high-school studies, actually courses the fifth grade of the violin degree at Mexico City National Music Conservatorium; and as a sign of gratitude of the obtained award, performed at violin Henryk Wieniawski´s Third Capriccio, Opus 18.

This ceremony has special relevance in the cultural life of the Foundation, because is part of its fundamental objectives to promote study, help investigation and recognize the activities linked to several fields of science and knowledge. The educative labor, present since a beginning, is once a year materialized by the concession of a wide program of helps and awards that are given to applicants of different ages, national and international, updating the acquired obligation of impelling a labor of social action aimed to the person formation.

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