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Putting in operation of the LAT 500 KV Mendoza- San Juan

July 19, 2007

Last Friday, the 29th of June, 2007 in the province of San Juan in an act in the presence of National and Provincial authorities , the line and the Amplifications of the Stations transformadoras that interconnect the provinces of Mendoza and San Juan have been put in operation. This work incorporates the Province of San Juan to the national net of 500 KV.

The construction of this project was at the expense ofAbengoa through a subsidiary, Transportadora Cuyana, which were created for the accomplishment of this important project.

The work includes three sections of Lines which totalize 182 km. The principal section amounts for 176 km and it is constructed for a voltage of 500 kv. The two others have an operative voltage of 220 kv. Amplifications were also realised on every Stations transformadora of San Juan and the great Mendoza. In the first stage of its production, the system is supposed to work on a 220 kv voltage.

To the realisation of this work, 7000 meters of piles, 15 000 m3 of reinforced concrete were used, 389 metallic structures were realised and 2112 km of drivers and cables were tended.

As part of the obligations of the contract, our company had to, define the trace, obtain the crossing permissions, complete with the environmental demands, realize and approve the engineering, complete the electrical studies, supply and test all the equipments and materials needed, manage the patents of those, construct and put in operation the structure. The work was realised in 16 months.

The National and Provincial authorities in charge of that project acknowledge the merit of completing a project that important and difficult on time. They said it was a record.

In the construction of the work intervened up to 800 workmen, being in use human resources and equipments of Abengoa's headquarters of Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

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