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ASICA Award 2007 - Engineering and Society

June 22, 2007

In a ceremony held on 19 June at the headquarters of the Employers’ Confederation of Andalusia, the Association of Consultant Engineers of Andalusia, ASICA, awarded Abener, represented by its Managing Director Manuel J. Valverde Delgado, the "Prize for the Industrial Facility most highly valued by the general public". The act counted on the presence of the Councillor of Works and Transport of the Autonomous Government of Andalusia, Concepción Gutiérrez, who to be showed very pleased with the awarded projects and ASICA initiative.

These awards aim to further and draw attention to the participation of engineering firms in social realities by acknowledging their contribution to improvements in quality of life and social well-being.

Abener took part in the competition with its Thermosolar Plant PS10, the first of its kind intended for commercial use. The prize comes in recognition of the plant’s enormous magnitude and impact, not only for its spectacular dimensions and technological innovation, but for the benefits it affords the region as a whole.

Society will benefit from the clean energy supplied by the plant, which will also drive economic development in Sanlúcar La Mayor where it is sited, an area which was severely affected by the toxic waste dumped there some years ago.

This distinction fills Abener with pride and rewards all its staff’s work and efforts to improve themselves as we strive to rise to the technological challenges posed by society.

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