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Telvent to establish a pioneer global security center in Leon

June 18, 2007

Madrid, June 18, 2007 - Telvent (Nasdaq: TLVT), the IT company for a sustainable and secure world, has signed a collaboration agreement with the National Institute of Communication Technologies (INTECO) to establish a Security Development Center in Leon, complementary to INTECO’s initiatives in security matters in Leon.

This security center, the only one of its kind in the world due to its characteristics, will focus on the development of pioneer information technologies for the integral management of borders: identification of individuals utilizing biometric techniques (automatic fingerprint and iris identification systems and automatic facial and voice features recognition systems), issuing of electronic identification documents (eDNI), as well as systems connected with road safety and the prevention of traffic accidents.

“Telvent is strongly committed with the current social challenges related to the sustainability and global security. We are proud to contribute through this technological centre with INTECO to the achievement these important objectives and the better management of the global security”, said Manuel Sánchez, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Telvent.

The center will occupy a complete floor of INTECO’s existing headquarter building in Leon, and Telvent’s building in Leon, to cover the expected floor-space requirements for the hiring of more than three hundred people over two years.

The technology developed by Telvent in Leon will be utilized immediately within the European Union as the developments derived from the Telvent managed proposals under the European R&D Security-related Programs will also be implemented. One must also add the foreseen expansion of Telvent’s identification technologies to Latin America under the internationalization program underway in 2007 for countries such as Panama, Venezuela and Brazil.

With the establishment of this Security Center, Telvent is aiming to strengthen its presence in Leon, which goes back to 1982, and consolidate Leon’s position as a world reference point for security technologies.

Telvent trusts in the development and provision of technological solutions that allow the enhancement of global security while enabling the challenges facing current day society, such as migratory flows, security in the field of critical infrastructures and data and information management, to be faced by applying all the aforementioned in each of the sectors Telvent operates in.

About Telvent

Telvent (Nasdaq: TLVT), the IT company for a sustainable and secure world, specializes in high value-added products, services and integrated solutions for the Energy, Transportation, Environment and Public Administration industry segments, as well as Global IT Services. Its innovative technology and client-proven expertise enable the efficient and secure real-time management of operational and business processes for industry-leading companies worldwide. (

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