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Teyma was awarded with the National Prize of Quality 2006 in Uruguay

June 14, 2007

For third time, Teyma Uruguay receives the maximum distinction that grants the Uruguayan Government as recognition to the organizations that stand out in the Continuous Improvement of its processes regarding Quality.

In a ceremony held he past March 29, the Secretary of Industry, Energy and Mining, Mr. Jorge Lepra and the Secretary of Housing, Territorial Classification and Environment, Arq. Mariano Arana gave this distinction to our General Manger - Director, the Engineer Brandon Kaufman.

Teyma had already won similar awards in the years 2000 and 2003 (the regulation of the Prize doesn't allow the winners be present again every three years). Among the local construction companies, Teyma continues being the only one in having received the National Prize of Quality, what gives her a competitive advantage and it consolidates an image intimately associated to the quality and to the excellence that is recognized by companies, technicians and local authorities.

The comments received from the team of evaluators of the Prize as the official report of the National Institute of Quality-Inacal-, were very laudatory towards the group of the company and their good management of different aspects of their activities.

For Teyma, the new prize is not a final goal but only a landmark that shows the advance achieved up to now as a part of a much longer road. This road is the challenge that we daily have of improving what we make to give satisfaction to our employees, our clients and to all that have an expectation in the development of our activities.

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