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Telvent to manage the Hydrological Data System for Agencia Catalana del Agua

May 31, 2007

Madrid, May 31, 2007 — Telvent GIT S.A. (Nasdaq: TLVT), the Global RealTime IT Company, announced today the signing of a more than 4 million euro contract with Agencia Catalana del Agua to maintain its hydrological data system for the rivers Muga, Fluvia, and Bajo Ter.

The service contracted for two years and extendible by another two, comprises the maintenance of the hydro-meteorological sensors, data acquisition systems and support infrastructures of the different control points located in the northeastern area of the Catalonia Inshore Basins. Those control points are organized in different kinds of networks allowing the acquisition of hydraulic, hydrology and meteorological data, such as the level and the flow of the rivers, water physical parameters in aquiferous, and the quality of subterranean water. These systems are aimed at managing the quality and quantity of the water supplied in the most efficient manner possible and allowing the area’s population to receive advance warning in the event of possible flooding and contamination incidents. In addition, new sensors will be supplied, gauging stations constructed and manual stations automated, and an OASyS data acquisition, processing, and diffusion center installed.

According to Manuel Sanchez Ortega, Telvent’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, “with this contract Telvent strengthens its presence in Spain in the water sector and more precisely in hydrographic basin control by contributing enormous value add to said activity. Through these types of projects, Telvent helps its customers to optimize environmental resources management”.

The project is in response to the new management requirements of Agencia Catalana del Agua, included in its New Services Model, which are quality in management and water in an integrated manner. Furthermore, the attainment of the objectives and control measures established by the Water Framework Directive – achieve suitable ecological status of the waters – is facilitated thereby.

Telvent is currently responsible for maintaining the data system of Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir (River Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation) and for the installation and maintenance of the data system of Cuenca Hidrográfica del Duero (River Duero Hydrographic Basin). This experience will allow Telvent to execute this project successfully.

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Telvent (Nasdaq: TLVT), the Global RealTime IT Company, specializes in high value-added products, services and integrated solutions for the Energy, Transportation, Environment and Public Administration industry segments, as well as Global IT Services. Its innovative technology and client-proven expertise enable the efficient and secure real-time management of operational and business processes for industry-leading companies worldwide. (

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