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Befesa has been awarded the contract to improve the drinking water distribution network in Barcelona and its metropolitan area

May 9, 2007

Madrid, 9 May 2007. Aigües Ter Llobregat, the public company of the Catalonian regional government responsible for supplying drinking water to more than 100 towns and cities, including Barcelona, accounting for nearly four and a half million inhabitants, has awarded Befesa the contract to construct the Fonsanta pumping station and a section of the piping that will connect to the Trinitat distribution station. This project, which will be financed with EU cohesion funds and is included in the actions of Spain’s national water plan, will require an investment of more than €20 million.

Barcelona and the towns in its metropolitan area are supplied with water from the Llobregat and Ter systems, two networks that are currently not connected. The Fontsanta tank in Sant Joan Despi is part of the Llobregat system to the south west of Barcelona and supplies the drinking water treatment station in Abrera. The Trinitat distribution station is part of the Ter system, supplied by the Cardedeu drinking water treatment station.

In order to improve supply reliability and to guarantee supply from any point of the network indistinctly with water from either system, a reversible pipeline will be constructed to connect the Fontsanta tank to the Trinitat distribution station.

The project awarded to Befesa includes the construction of a pumping station next to the Fontsanta tank, the pipelines from the Fontsanta tank to the B-23 highway and from the pumping station to the DN-2400 artery that connects to the Abrera drinking water treatment station, as well as all the necessary works to connect the existing tanks and pipelines.

Javier Molina, Chairman of Befesa, confirmed "this project will form part of the solutions that are being carried out in the Barcelona metropolitan area to integrally manage its water and are in addition to the series of actions that the company is developing in the different regions in which it has been present since it began operating”.

Befesa, the environmental services subsidiary of Abengoa, focuses on providing industrial environmental services and constructing environmental infrastructures. It is a public listed company with a market capitalisation in excess of €693 million (close 2006). (

Abengoa is a technology company that applies innovative solutions for sustainable development in the infrastructures, environment and energy sectors. It is a public listed company with a market capitalisation of €2.591 billion (08/05/2007) and it currently has a presence in 70 countries in which it operates with its five business groups: Solar, Bio-energy, Environmental Services, Information Technologies, and Industrial Construction and Engineering. (

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