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Teyma is building the Effluent Treatment Plant corresponding to the plant of cellulose of the Finnish company Botnia in Uruguay

February 23, 2007

The Finnish company Botnia is building a manufacturing plant of cellulose in Fray Bentos, Uruguay. It is a model plant that will produce a thousand tons of cellulose every year starting from wood of eucalyptus.

Teyma has been commended with all the civil works for the Effluent Treatment Plant, which constitutes a contract of approximately 6.2 million Euros.

The method used by the plant for the treatment of the waste waters, will be the biological treatment for activated sludge with an annual discharge on the average of 25 pulp m3/ADt (about 73.000 m3/d). In the first phase of the process the solids of great size are separate by means of grills. Then, the waters are clarified and equalized in big basins. As it advances, the temperature of the waters is reduced in refrigeration towers. After adding certain nutritious to the processed water, it is introduced in the biological reactor. Finally the liquids arrive to their last stage that is the secondary decanter.

The works include excavations, floor slabs, walls of more than 11 meters high, channels and diverse foundations for equipment, including more than 20.000 cubic meters of concrete and more than 2.000 tons of iron.

Among the civil works the Aeration Basin and the Cooling Towers, of which some representative magnitudes are attached.

Information of the basins:

  • Size: 191 m x 88 m
  • Height of walls: 10.70 m (it is requested to be filled in 1 single time to avoid concrete meetings)
  • Quantity of concrete: 18.500 m3.
  • Quantity of steel: 1.900 tons
  • Floor slab: 17.000 m2
  • Surface of walls: 14.500 m2

Data of the Cooling Towers:

  • Size: 65 m x 15 m
  • Height of walls: 10 m
  • Quantity of concrete: 1.200 m3.
  • Quantity of steel: 130 tons
  • Floor slab: 650 m2
  • Surface of walls: 3.500 m2

The special characteristics of the important walls of the basins, required special systems of formworks and they have motivated the visit to site of interested university students'.

This is the biggest Treatment Plant in the Uruguay and it contributes to the great experience of Teyma in the topic. Together with the works of civil work that the company is executing in the Drying Machine, Packing, and Storage and in the Chemical Plant sectors, they make Teyma the main contractor of civil works in the global project of the cellulose plant.


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