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Solucar to give the "Solucar Prize to the Best Doctoral Thesis on Solar Energy"

February 13, 2007

Solucar to give a prize to the best doctoral thesis on Solar Energy issues at the University of Seville.

The purpose of the award, which includes a €3,000 prize to be presented at a public event at June 2007, is to reward the technological research work of a doctoral thesis carried out at the University of Seville on a subject with special relevance to those matters directly related to solar energy and sustainable development, and more specifically to the following knowledge areas: solar resource evaluation, use of solar radiation for industrial process heat production and for thermosolar or photovoltaic electricity generation, solar radiation collection, concentration and absorption technologies, solar energy storage systems based in thermal, thermo-chemical, electro-chemical or mechanical processes, use of solar energy for desalination, de-tox, and water purification processes, and for hydrogen production.

Procedures, facilities, or specific component developments in relation to the previously specified areas, as well as its technological or commercial exploitation, taking also into consideration engineering, infrastructures construction, management, environmental and patrimonial aspects.

The application submission period runs from February 12th to 2 pm March 30th. The prize is open to anyone that fulfils the requirements established in the terms and conditions of the award and who received a qualification of “sobresaliente cum laude”. The doctoral thesis must be original and unpublished and Solucar reserves the right to publish it if they deem it appropriate.

Terms and conditions of the award

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