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Instalaciones Inabensa S.A. has been awarded the contract for Equipment Supply for the Building of the New International Exhibition Center of Beijing

February 6, 2007

The corporation that will manage the New China International Exhibition Center of Beijing (China International Exhibition Center Group Corp.) awarded Instalaciones Inabensa S.A. the contract in order to supply several equipments for the installation in this new fairground building.

The abovementioned contract will be financed with a loan granted by the Spanish Government to the Finances Department of the People’s Republic of China (FAD finance). The final amount of contract will be € 11,800,000.00.

The scope of this Project means the mechanical equipment supply (elevators, stairs,...), big screen system (announcements and information events), big doors for the access of people, heavy vehicles and electric distribution panels. It also includes several consultancy services of Ifema for the specific training of the local staff in the comprehensive management of the building and particular management of activities.

The global work where it is focused this project, the China International Exhibition Center of Beijing, is kept within the important urban and building activities that are carrying out because of the celebration of the Olympic Games 2008 in this city.

Inabensa expands its references in Chinese market and is consolidated as one of the leading companies in the execution of large international projects with supply of capital goods.

This center is trying to become a world referent in congress and trade fair field. The construction surface in the first stage of this project will be 300,000 m2 and it is predicted some extensions that will increase the surface until 1,000,000 m2.

There is no doubt about the outstanding of this contract, even for the simple fact that a Spanish firm, supplying equipment of national manufacture, takes part in one of the most relevant projects of this big city.

The opening of the new fairground building is predicted to be in April 2008. This makes the delivery times an important challenge in the execution of this work.

This contract means for Instalaciones Inabensa S.A. an important landmark for its consolidation in the Chinese market after the recent opening of a subsidiary in this country.

With this contract, Instalaciones Inabensa, S.A, company belonging to Abeinsa, head of the Industrial Engineering and Construction Business Group of Abengoa, is placed as a leading company in the execution of projects for smart buildings, as well as represents an important milestone in its international expansion.

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