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Abener signs in Argelia the contract of the first solar-combined cycle Hybrid Plant in the world

January 3, 2007

This solemn act was presided by the Minister of Energy and Mines in Argelia, Chakib Kheli. Vice-president of Sonatrach, President of Sonelgaz, President of NEAL and Manuel J. Valverde Delgado, General Manager of Abener also assist to this event.

This project has been promoted by Solar Power Plant One (SPP1), a combined society between Abener and NEAL, constituted for that purpose and it will operate and exploit the plant for a period of 25 years. The Algerian state society Sonatrach will buy the total amount of the produced energy.

This plant will be composed by a solar field of parabolic cylinder tecnology of 25 MW and will provide complementary thermal energy to a combined cyvle of 130MW. The reflecting surface of the solar field will extend over 180.000 m2. The novelty of this project will be the electrical use of the heat generated in the same steam turbine that exploits the residual heat of the gas turbine. This configuration is doubly effective. On the one hand, it minimizes the investment associated to the solar field thanks to the common elements with the combined cycle. On the other one, it reduces the discharges of CO2 associated to a conventional plant.

In March 2004, Argelia was the first country outside the OCDE setting to introduce an incentives plan to the thermosolar electric energy production in order to diversify their energy sources and take a profit from the potentiality that their renewable energy resources may offer. In this way, in 2010 they will cover the 5% of their electric production with renewables sources and aiming to become, to a larger extent, one of the suppliers of green energy to Europe by means of several projects of submarine electric interconnection that are now under consideration. It is worthy to point out that the exploitation of the 1% of the Sahara surface with thermosolar plants could provide the whole planet with electric energy and Argelia is the country that most potentiality offers in this area.

This new Plant, a world referent in tecnology, consolidates Abener as the first world construction company with references in all developing thermosolar tecnologies.

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